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Mission Statement :
             The Journal of Indian Academy of Oral Medicine and Radiology was founded to provide a means for the exchange of ideas among individuals to advance the skill and knowledge of Oral Medicine and Radiology. Based on a critical Review process and guided by the foremost authorities in all disciplines of Oral Medicine and Radiology, the JIAOMR will continue to communicate the standard for treatment of oral lesions and various investigatory procedures for patients.


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    Submission of Manuscripts: Manuscripts for publication and correspondence relating to them should be addressed to
         Dr.Arvind Shetti                            
         Editor in Chief
         1386/2A plot no 14,Shiva Basava Sadan,
         Jadhav Nagar

          Article accepted for publication are subject to editorial revision. Statements and opinions expressed in the articles and communications herein are those of the author(s) and not necessarily of the Editor, and the Editor disclaims any responsibility or liability for such material.

    Disclosure of Funding : Should there be a financial association between one or more of the authors and a commercial company that makes a product that figures prominently in the article, the Editor stipulates that the authors state such an association.

    Return of Manuscript: Manuscripts are generally not returned to the authors. Original illustrations are returned if requested by the author.

    Preparation of Manuscript: Submitted manuscripts must represent unpublished original research that is not being considered for publication elsewhere. Manuscripts should be type written on one side of the paper only, numbered and double-spaced with liberal margins. The original and three copies should be submitted.Articles sent on a CD or a 3 1/2" floppy are welcome. Articles sent, as soft copy should be prepared in Windows 95/2000- Word format only. The authors name is to be written only on the original copy and not to the photocopied versions which are to be submitted to the consultants for critical review.

         Routine case reports add little to our knowledge, but good case reports may be published if they meet certain criteria
    1. are of rare or unusual lesions that need documentation
    2. are well-documented cases showing unusual or 'atypical' clinical or microscopic features or behavior, or
    3. are cases showing good long term follow-up information, particularly in area where good statistics on results of treatment are needed.

    Title Page: The page should include the title of the article and the name, degrees, position, professional affiliation of Principal author. The corresponding author's fax, telephone, e-mail address and complete mailing address must be provided. The next page should contain the names of the Co-authors and their designations.

    Abstracts/Key Words: This should not exceed not 200 words and should be provided on a seperate sheet.The abstract should state the purpose of the study/investigations, basic procedures, main findings and principal conclusions.

    Text: The text of the articles should be divided into sections with the headings Introduction, Material & Methods, Results and Discussions.

    Introduction: Summarize the purpose and rationale of the study. Give only pertinent references and do not extensively review the subject. Clearly state the working hypothesis.

    Material and Methods: This section should describe in adequate detail the experimental subjects, their important characteristics, and the methods, apparatus and procedures used so that other researchers could reproduce the experiment. Any equipment mentioned should specify the manufacture and their location and availability (country and city)

    Informed Consent: Manuscripts reporting the result of experimental studies on human subjects must include a statement that informed consent and ethical approval has been obtained.

    Results: These should be presented succinctly in the same order as the experiments are described in Material and Methods. Tables and especially graphics are encouraged for quantitative information.

    Discussion : Emphasize the new & important aspects of the study contribution to the study and authorities towards financial support and permission to publish the research.

    Acknowledgements: Acknowledge only persons who have made significant contribution to the study and authorities towards financial support and permissions to publish the research.

    Reference: Authors are responsible for the accuracy of the references. The reference list should be double spaced at the end of the article in numeric sequence. Do not include unpublished data or personal communications in the reference list. Avoid using abstracts as references. Reference list format should confirm to that set forth in 'Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals'(Ann Intern Med 1997; 126: 36-47). A copy of the requirements may be obtained form the Editor of viewed online at

    Examples (if six or fewer authors, list all; if seven or more list first three and add

    Format for periodical references: Hegde. S, Nayak U.A. Fusion in the primary dentition a review with a report of a bilateral cas. JIAOMR 2002, Vol 13, No 2, 59-63. Format for book references: Seakins J, Saunders R, editors, Treatment of inborn errors of metabolism. London; Churchhill Livingstone; 1973.p.15-6 Format for chapter references: Hudson FB, Hawcroft J. Duration of treatment in phenylketonuria. In Seakins J, Saunders R, editors, Treatment of inborn errors of metabolism. London: Churchill Livingstone;1973.p.51-6.

    Illustrations: Illustrations (three sets of glossy prints) usually by 4 by 6 inches accompanying manuscripts should be numbered, provided with suitable legends, and marked lightly on the back with the article title and and arrow to indicate the top edge. Do not bend, fold or use paper clips.If photographs of persons are used, either the subjects must not identifiable or their pictures must be accompanied by written permission to use the photograph.

          A reasonable number of halftone illustrations or line drawings will be reproduced at no cost of the author, but special arrangements must be made with the Editor in Chief for color plates, elaborate tables, or extra illustrations. Drawings or graphs should be prepared in black ink. Do not send original artwork or radiographs.

    Letters to the Editors: Letters to the Editor are encouraged in order to stimulate a healthy dialogue relating to the specialty.

    Reprints: First author of original articles will receive four copies for reprints free of charge. Extra copies of reprints may be obtained on request in writing at the time of submission of the manuscript. These reprints will be supplied at the authors expense.

            The scientific material published in this journal is for educational purpose only.This material is neither intended to represent the only, nor necessarily the best methods or procedures appropriate for the health care situations discussed, but rather is intended to present an approach, view, statement or opinion of the faculty which may be helpful to others who face similar situations. The editor disclaims any and all liability for injury or damage and for all claims which may arise out of the use of the techniques demonstrated in the articles, whether these claims shall be asserted by members of the healthcare professionals or any other person.

    Send change of address to Editor-in-chief, JIAOMR,

         Dr.Arvind Shetti                            
         Editor in Chief
         1386/2A plot no 14,Shiva Basava Sadan,
         Jadhav Nagar