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Message from the President


Dear fellow members of the IAOMR:

The New Year 2019 has just unfolded before us – ushering in new hope and opportunity. It shall certainly pose new challenges, not just for us in the field of Oral Medicine and Radiology but also for our nation as a whole. I sincerely hope that the Indian Academy of Oral Medicine and Radiology stands firm in its resolve and commitment to uphold the highest traditions of research, academics and ethical clinical practice within its purview. To all the members and their families I extend warm greetings for a happy and fulfilling 2019.

I am indeed humbled to have been bestowed the responsibility of leading our Academy in the current year. The entire team of elected representatives will endeavour to function in a transparent manner, keeping our collective interests on priority at all times. The past year was highlighted by several high quality academic programs for undergraduate students in different parts of the country. Concerted efforts were also made to streamline the accounts of the Academy in consonance with our obligations as per law. I am happy to place on record the untiring efforts of many of our senior faculty, office bearers, JIAOMR and website teams.

In the current year the IAOMR will focus on imparting specialized training in select clinical areas towards practice enhancement, work closely with other medical specialities to highlight the need for our specialists in health care settings, attempt to bring out position papers for our academy in certain ‘key areas’and encourage all post graduate students and faculty to undertake further training in forensicodontology and tobacco cessation. We are also aware of the paucity of authentic data on oral cancer and pre cancer at the national level. I request the OMR faculty at the various dental colleges to document all cases of Oral Cancer and Pre Cancer with individual case identification and demographic profile (in special registers made for this purpose). The IAOMR will work closely with other organizations to create an authentic and verifiablenational data base on oral cancer and pre cancer.

Many new initiatives will require several years of toil before they see the light of day.This will be possible only if we work selflessly, united by purpose. The Indian Academy of Oral Medicine and Radiology also looks forward to working closely with the Dental Council of India and the Ministry for Health and Family Welfare, GOI in uplifting the standard of dental education, disease prevention and oral health care for the masses.

Jai Hind

Dr. Vishal Dang,
President, IAOMR