Write-up /

Message from the Secretary


It is really an honour to be able to connect with you all through this prestigious position of Secretary of our society, which has established itself as one of the most vibrant and active societies in our country. We have been interacting scientifically and professionally on several occasions during our meetings, conferences, UG conventions,PG conventions and at the regular events conducted by our society. Through these programmes, we have crafted modalities for sustained release of knowledge for each one amongst us, right from the first year PG student to every faculty member, and I am sure everyone has benefited out of it. Full credits to the past presidents, outgoing Secretary, office bearers, executive committee members and the members of our society.

As a democratic society, we always have differences of opinion amongst ourselves, but when we are able to overcome them in mutual agreement and in the right spirit, it truly reflects our urge to work in unison to achieve excellence in our profession through this speciality organisation.

As the Secretary of the Society, I foresee a lot of challenges ahead, especially to continue with the activities of our society on a regular basis and also to introduce newer ideas and ensure their implementation. We have quite a few of these new add-ons in our speciality, which would be communicated to you from time to time. In the meanwhile, I will also appeal each and every member of our society to provide the office with feedback, be it positive or critical, as this will only help us in improving our working.

Our journal has seen improvement in leaps and bounds and the major share of the credit would undoubtedly go to our past Editor and members of the editorial board. I am sure the new incumbent Editor will leave no stone unturned in augmenting the efforts and imparting further improvements.

Our activities in the near future are the post graduate convention at JAIPUR, TRIPLE O at DELHI and National IAOMR CONFERENCE AT KHAMMAM, along with UG convention throughout the year. I hope many of our members will be participating overwhelmingly and gaining from the renowned faculties deliberating in these events.

We seek your support, cooperation and guidance in our efforts to take the society to greater heights and help realize the aspirations of budding ORAL MEDICINE AND MAXILLOFACIAL RADIOLOGIST of the country.

Dr Shalu Rai,
Professor & Head Department of OMR
Institute of Dental Studies and Technologies
Uttar Pradesh-201201